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How Refraction Can Work For You

The Oxford languages archive defines refraction as; noun PHYSICS noun: refraction the fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc. being deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density. Ref. oxford language. But, what does this mean for the café…

Setting up Your Coffee Grinder

Setting up your coffee grinder is imperative to getting the best out of your coffee. Two or three seconds of extraction time could be the difference between a balanced, sweet espresso or a watery and bitter brew. With that in mind, we’ll be briefly going over some common pitfalls and how to get the best out of your coffee.

'Strength' in coffee

Defining 'strength' The word 'strength' when used in the context of coffee is often used inappropriately. The strength of  the brew is determined by the amount of coffee dissolved in the brew water, the amount of dilution will differ between different brew methods. We can measure strength in coffee using…

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