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Our Roastery

Attention to detail is key when it comes to roasting coffee

Our coffee is small batch roasted, this ensures that we can monitor and analyse every roast profile to the nth degree making sure we unlock all the sweetness, acidity and body!


We source high quality 100% Arabica speciality coffee which has been curated to make sure that it has exactly what we’re looking for. Green coffee is at its best when it is fresh, all those delicious berries, chocolate, citrus or other such tasting notes are most prevalent and punchy when the harvest is fresh. For this reason, we make sure to buy coffee when it is in season, so expect to see our coffee offering frequently adapt and evolve with the time of year. 

We have an emphasis on sourcing high quality seasonal coffee whilst trying to reduce our impact on the environment, we buy from trusted green importers which ensures the farmer receives a fair price for the coffee and creates a sustainable relationship.

We have a small shop where you can taste the freshly roasted coffee and viewing gallery into the roastery. Visits to the roastery can be arranged by appointment.


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