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Caffè Carraro

Simply the best Italian coffee

Caffè Carraro 1927 Hopper Tin, 3kg

The 1927 blend is the result of Caffè Carraro's 90 years of research and experience in the industry that covers a period of four generations. It is made from eight meticulously selected Arabica varieties, which are individually slow roasted. This blend has been a worldwide favourite for decades because of its wonderful in the cup properties of compact persistent creaminess, intense aromatics, full body and chocolaty aftertaste. Due to its high quality it is low in caffeine. Once cooled the beans are packed straight from the roaster in a protected atmosphere to ensure you get the optimum freshness right to the last bean.


Did you know...

The worst thing for coffee is oxygen, light and moisture (particularly salt moisture) which in a very short space of time will affect the taste and quality of your beans. Therefore, the Italians have perfected a way in which to protect their very best blends by means of the sealed 3kg tins that sit on top of the grinder in place of the standard see-through hopper (which does not protect your beans from the elements).

1927 Dolci Arabica, 1kg

The 1927 blend represents the synthesis of over 90 years of knowledge and experience of Italian Espresso Coffee. It consists of a selection of eight of the best quality coffees produced each year in the world, individually slow roasted and then blended.

In the cup a well-balanced structure with compact creaminess, intensely aromatic, full-bodied, persistent, chocolaty aftertaste. Low caffeine content.

Carraro Dolc Arabica 1Kg

Caffe Carraro Tazza D’Oro coffee beans

Tazza D’Oro, 1kg

The blend is made from eight meticulously selected Arabica (90%) and Robusta (10%) varieties. This coffee has been a favourite in cafés for decades because of its wonderful properties of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma with a rich and velvety flavour.

Crema Espresso, 1kg

The Crema Espresso coffee beans are a special blend of sweet Central American Arabicas together with the best Brazilian Santos.

Body is provided by the highly valued Indian and Central American washed Robusta’s.

Crema Espresso coffee beans

Globo Solidal coffee beans

Globo Solidal, 1kg

Our Fairtrade Italian espresso is composed of two Arabica origins from South America and a high quality Robusta from Africa. In the cup the aroma is sweet with low acidity.

Tazza D’Oro decaf sachets

Individually wrapped espresso decaffeinated 7g sachets sealing in the freshness.

Perfect for when you require the occasional decaf.

decaf coffee sachets

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Zero waste artisan coffee roasted in Cornwall

We are always thinking about our impact on the environment, and this reflects in all of our products - from biodegradable coffee bags and labels to our wholesale zero waste coffee initiative. Click below to read about our sustainability ethos.

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