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Machine Care & Maintenance

Servicing and PSSR testing


A service helps maximise your machine life, whilst also preserving the taste and consistency of all the hot drinks you happen to make. Not only this, but by having regular coffee machine services helps reduce the chance of breakdowns and eradicates costly periods of downtime.

Water filters if not replaced annually will cause damage to the machine and create bad tasting water.

Coffee machines are expensive pieces of equipment with several intricate parts. Simple issues not dealt with can lead to bigger more costly problems that can in-turn cause irreparable problems if unaddressed. Don't let a problem get progressively worse!
Sort it early and keep your biggest money-maker running smoothly and making top-quality coffee consistently.


Pressure System Safety Regulation 2000 (PSSR Test)

Did you know that all coffee machines must have an up to date boiler certificate every 12 months? The Health & Safety Act of 1974 requires that all work equipment must comply with existing statutory workplace legislation. To adhere to this, your coffee machine’s boiler therefore requires a periodic examination from a qualified boiler technician (inspector). This boiler inspection is a requirement of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulation bill which was passed in 2000 and needs to be carried out in accordance with a “written scheme of examination.”

If you incorporate your annual service with the PSSR examination, we can offer you a discounted cost.


Winter Precautions

Last winter was very severe, so please take precautions when leaving your machine. Turn the water off from the mains and empty the machines boiler if not used over the winter.

If you have any questions or would you like to book your service and/or PSSR test, please call 01637 880343
or contact us to make a booking.


Water for Coffee Shops – Professional Filter Solutions

Elements in water can influence your coffee’s taste, consistency and appearance. Likewise for baked goods. Ensure your customers’ satisfaction with a BRITA water filter. For great results, happy customers – and less limescale.

Should I Use Filtered Water in my Coffee Machines?

You should always use filtered water in your coffee machine, as it’s an important and often overlooked factor in the quality of espresso you produce. It can also be the difference between having your machine for a few years or enjoying it for 10 years or more!

What Do Water Filters Do?

Water filters use an activated carbon filter to remove sediment, chlorine and also reduce the total hardness (TH) of the water. If these are not filtered out of the water, they can cause problems with your coffee machine quite quickly. Issues include blocked pipe fittings, scale build-up in the group head and boiler, inefficiencies in heating and performance, and much more.
These issues can result in some very costly repair bills, sometimes costing so much that it's not even worth repairing the espresso machine. In short, using unfiltered water in your coffee machine could drastically reduce the life of the machine, so having a good water filter installed and replacing the filter when necessary (usually every 12 months) is really important.

Benefits of Using a Water Filter with Your Coffee Machine:

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