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Barista Training

Free barista training courses for you and your staff


Crafting the perfect cup can be tricky, we know this!

Through years of experience and our lust for knowledge, we have the skills to teach you to bring out the unique characteristics in a coffee and create the perfect cup.

Our barista training can cater to all skill groups and has been constructed to do so.
From never having previously touched a coffee machine to having 50 years experience in the game, we’re sure there’s still something you will learn from attending one of our barista training sessions which, by the way, are free of charge to Cornico customers!

We encourage progressive thinking here at Cornico coffee roasters and fully support our customers seeking more knowledge on the origins of their coffee or how to brew the perfect cup.



For more advanced barista training sessions, we do offer an advanced one-day course at an additional cost which covers:

A brief history of coffee

Growing regions and terroir

Processing methods

Everything extraction

Espresso brewing

Filter coffee brewing

Milk science

Milk texturing

Beverage building

Latte art

Espresso machine and grinder cleaning/maintenance




Looking for accreditation?
Ask about our Accredited courses by sending us an email on or call us on 01637 880 343.


The training that is given by Cornico is first class, we send every member of staff there and they always come back full of enthusiasm and further skills. The way they train is so relaxed and even fun, if you are as serious about coffee as we are then these courses are a must.  
The Basement Cafe, Padstow.

Zero waste artisan coffee roasted in Cornwall

We are always thinking about our impact on the environment, and this reflects in all of our products - from biodegradable coffee bags and labels to our wholesale zero waste coffee initiative. Click below to read about our sustainability ethos.

Find out more

image of zero waste artisan coffee roasted in Cornwall

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