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The Cornico Coffee Company was formed by Andrew Tobin in 2009, he has over 20 years of experience in the tea and coffee industry! 


Andrew Tobin

Company Director

What do you enjoy most about working in speciality coffee? 
There is always something new, my kitchen is an Aladdin`s cave of coffee equipment.

Can you give us a Barista Top Tip?
Use the best quality ingredients and equipment that you can afford. The results are so much better.

Favourite Brew Method and why?
Espresso, still the best despite what the hipsters have to say - It’s so versatile.


Tom Chambers

"My role at Cornico Coffee consists of being responsible for curating and sourcing green coffee, quality control in the roastery and leading barista training sessions."

What do you enjoy most about working in speciality coffee?
My favourite part about working with speciality coffee is just how dynamic the product and the industry are. Working with such an interesting and complex product, I’m always learning more and discovering new things! The Industry itself is also very friendly and welcomes people keen to learn into the industry with open arms.

Can you give us a Barista top tip?
Sometimes when you have been very busy and have made hundreds of espressos you may notice that the grind setting that was correct in the morning, no longer produces that sweet espresso it previously did. This is due to the grinder chamber heating up (among other factors) and causing the coffee to become more soluble in water. To rectify this you may need to adjust your grinder a few micro adjustments finer to compensate for the change in environmental factors. 

Favourite brew method and why?
My favourite brew method would have to the Kalita Wave. I love the resulting brew as it often delivers very even extraction alongside balanced body, acidity and sweetness.

Briony Tobin 

"My role is to ensure the running of the office is smooth and efficient, I also like to get creative running the social media pages, send me your best coffee photos to be featured. You may also recognise me as the friendly voice on the end of the phone!" 

What do you enjoy most about working in speciality coffee?
The best thing about working in speciality coffee for me is meeting people in the industry including customers and suppliers at trade shows and seeing how coffee trends change so quickly.

Can you give us a Barista top tip?
My top tip is to keep your machine nice and clean! Not only does it effect the quality of the espresso you produce but also the way you present yourself and your business to the customers you have worked hard for. 

Favourite brew method and why? 
My favourite brewing method has to be the Chemex, when it has finished brewing it is the perfect temperature, full of flavour and... it looks pretty.


Tony Randle

"As the Company accountant, it’s my role to ensure the accounts system runs efficiently".

What do you enjoy most about working in speciality coffee?
Recently I have enjoyed the challenges that our new roastery has brought with percentage moisture loss in coffee and how to cost everything out, I learn something new every day in this industry.

Favourite Brew Method and why?
I like a good filter coffee so I’m going to say drip coffee is my tipple, well during working hours anyway.

Can you give us a Barista Top Tip?
Use fresh coffee and don’t leave it in a hot handle for more than 5 seconds before brewing.

Kathryn Tobin

"I am a trainee coffee roaster, on days we aren’t roasting you will find me behind the machine serving our latest roasts."

What do you enjoy most about working in speciality coffee?
I find it really interesting! There is so much to learn every day, I am currently completing several coffee courses. 

Can you give us a Barista top tip?
If doesn’t matter how well you have dialled in your coffee or how fresh your coffee is - if you leave the portafilter in the machine your coffee will burn! Start brewing your espresso immediately.

Favourite brew method and why?
My favourite brewing method is the Aeropress - I love traveling and I can take it everywhere with me! 




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Zero waste artisan coffee roasted in Cornwall

We are always thinking about our impact on the environment, and this reflects in all of our products - from biodegradable coffee bags and labels to our wholesale zero waste coffee initiative. Click below to read about our sustainability ethos.

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