Coffee Grinders

The grinder is as important as the espresso machine itself, yet so many people skimp when it comes to this vital piece of equipment.

A cheap grinder is cheap for a reason, it will usually burn the coffee, grind unevenly and dose incorrectly which will give you a bad, inconsistent coffee and will cost you a fortune in overdosing and lost trade. You then have the aspect of freshness; a standard grinder with a grounds dispenser that most people seem to have will only keep the coffee fresh for about 20 minutes before you notice a dramatic loss in aroma and taste.

Peoples understanding of coffee freshness has greatly improved over the last 5 years due to professional Barista training, therefore technology has moved on in the way of on demand grinders which will give you fast accurate portions of fresh coffee and most will have digital display information which will tell you a host of audit goodies.

Prices range from £300 to £1,500.

Our selection of quality grinders come from tried and tested manufacturers and come with our stamp of approval.

Click on the machine icons below to view details of each..

- Mahlkonig Vario Home -

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- Mahlkonig K30 Single -

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- Mahlkonig K30 Twin -

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- Fiorenzato F64 Evo -

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- Fiorenzato F5 / F5D -

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- Ceado E37 -

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