Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

If you are a pub, office, hotel, canteen or a fast food outlet and want great tasting consistent coffee then we will have the machine to suite you.

Bean to cup machines are ideal for many different environments such as a Franke Flair for a pub serving up to 100 coffees a day or the mighty Gaggia Concetto for busy sites where large volumes are required.

There are many different configurations to choose from, you may want a machine that does large and small cups of coffee plus hot chocolate or even a machine that will put a shot of vanilla in a latte.

The main advantage of a Super Automatic bean to cup machine is drink consistency with very little staff training, the main disadvantage is that servicing and initial outlay is generally more expensive compared to a traditional machine.

Give us a call on 01637 880 343, we would be happy to discuss the best way forward for you.

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- Franke Pura Series -

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- Franke Sinfonia -

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- Franke Flair -

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- Gaggia Concetto -

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